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Hp Project Moonshot Hurls Arm Servers Into The Heavens ? The Register

HP unveils new HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform | eChannelLine

Calxeda has put together a four-node server card with four memory slots and PCI-link interconnects so it can snuggle into a passive backplane to get power and talk to its ARM peers and make a network. A four-server Calxeda EnergyCard system board (click to enlarge) To make the Redstone, HP took a half-width, single-height ProLiant tray server and ripped out just about everything but the tray. In goes the passive backplane that the Calxeda EnergyCard, and HP can cram three rows of these ARM boards, with six per row, for a total of 72 server nodes, in a half-width 2U slot, like this: An HP Redstone server tray crammed with Calxeda ARM servers The trays slide into the 4U version of the ProLiant SL6500 chassis, and you can put four of these trays in the chassis thus: HP Redstone SL6500 chassis fully armed and dangerous to 32-bit parallel workloads That gives you 288 server nodes in a 4U rack space, or 72 servers per rack unit. That's 20 per cent more server density than the alpha test machine from Calxeda could do earlier this year with very early samples of its ARM chips. That SL6500 chassis in the Redstone system has three pooled power supplies that can back each other up and keep the nodes going in the even one of them goes the way of all flesh. The system has eight cooling fans. Each tray has four 10Gb/sec links that come off the internal EnergyCore Fabric Switch. All of these ports can be cross-connected using 10Gb/sec XAUI cables, and scaled across as many as 4,096 sockets. (By the way, 4,000 servers is pretty much the upper scalability limit of a Hadoop cluster these days.) However, the recommended configuration at first will be to use link the 72 four-server nodes in a single SL6500 to each other with the integrated fabric switch, and then glue multiple SL6500s to each other using a pair of 10GE top-of-raw switches. In effect, the SL6500 is the new rack, with an integrated top-of-rack switch, and the two external 10GE switches are akin to an end-of-row switch that usually links multiple racks to each other.
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Server and Storage Support Analyst jobs in Edmonton at ENGINEERING.com

HP believes IBM will become less interested in providing repair and logistical support to Lenovo. Its an empty charge, as IBM continues to provide Lenovo with maintenance support for its ThinkPad PCs nearly a decade after selling the division. The cloud concerns, especially on the SMB level, are real, but not exclusive to Lenovo. HP doesnt have a good answer for the cloud challenge, which is why it launched a cloud infrastructure program. IBM believes it can retain many affected server partners by converting them to resellers of its SoftLayer program . But Lenovo is banking on customers wanting to retain some on-premises hardware, which is one of the possible outcomes of the HP PartnerOne for Cloud program. Objectively, all server vendors face serious challenges as the market moves from heavy on-premises infrastructure to optimized virtual environments and cloud services. An argument could be made that Lenovo is simply filling a void vacated by IBM, HP and, increasingly, Dell, which are moving up the stack to enterprise solutions.
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HP Out to Rescue IBM Partners From Lenovo

It provides enterprises with a single view of all these environments, to remove the complexity out of data analytics. The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Microsoft Analytics Platform integrates in-memory performance, a massively parallel processing data warehouse (SQL Server PDW) and Hadoop into one system. To enable and accelerate data driven decisions, the seamless integration of the data in SQL Server PDW with data in Hadoop utilizes the PolyBase query technology. This offering is targeted at any company that has a lot of data in SQLs and want to take better advantage of it for analytics, Guida said. This is typically the high end of the mid-market, up to large enterprises, but its not the size of company that matters as much as the use case. Its about having data in a SQL database, or, typically more than one of them. This is not the first collaboration between Microsoft and HP in data warehousing.
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HP Redstone server tray specializes in building and managing an exclusive network of IT professionals to better their career opportunities and meet the demand of the market. We provide career management services and opportunities. Our client requires a Server and Storage Support Analyst. The individual will work under the direction and supervision of the Windows Server Team Leads performing operations support and providing systems and software maintenance required to meet the on-going business needs of the client community, and the Petrinex Applications network environment.
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